Presonus FaderPort USB / Midi Controller


The Presonus FaderPort USB / Midi Controller. As great as DAWs are, it’s a drag to control the transport and create fades and automation with a mouse making the FaderPort and excellent production tool.

Most musicians prefer a real fader and transport controls that they can touch. That’s why the FaderPort was created. Easily connects to your computer via USB and delivers complete transport controls for fast and efficient recording, along with a high-quality, touch-sensitive, motorized fader for writing fades and automation.

    • Easily control single channel or grouped channel volume, mute, and pan automation
    • A touch sensitive, 100 mm long throw, motorized Alps fader - for fine adjustments
    • Complete recording-transport controls:
    • Play, Record, Mute, Solo, Fast Forward, Rewind, Channel Select, Pan, Read, Write & Touch features - All in one controller
    • Footswitch controllable 
    • Use with Mac or PC with simply connecting to a USB slot

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