Numark Mixtrack 3 DJ Controller

by Numark
SKU Mixtrack III

The Numark Mixtrack III is designed with the aspiring DJ in mind, it’s got a whole host of amazing features, it’s easy to carry around and is incredible value for money.

The Mixtrack 3 will never let you down. Numark have kept everything you loved about the Mixtrack II, but now there’s even more. They've added 100mm pitch sliders that make it easy to perform even the finest pitch adjustments, so it’s easy to keep two cuts in perfect beat sync without any drift. Other people’s 60mm pitch sliders can’t come close to matching this performance.

16 multi-function backlit performance pads add loops, launch samples, and control hot cues to your performance. Use the multi-function touch strip for dynamic FX control and track search operation. There are dedicated filter knobs for each channel, to give you just the exact amount of tonal control you need for that perfect sound. Get precise control over every track and every transition with Mixtrack 3’s advanced low-profile rugged metal platters, they are dual-zone, giving you the ability to scratch or stop a track simply by touching the top of the platter, while at the same time allowing you to adjust the pitch by manipulating the platter from the side.

  • Dedicated Filter knobs for each channel
  • Multi-function Touch strip for dynamic FX control and Strip Search
  • 16 multi-function performance pads
  • All-new high resolution metal jog wheels
  • Multiple FX manipulation
  • Includes Prime Loops remix tool kit
  • Dedicated track browsing controls from your library

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