Neat Kingbee Cardioid Solid State Condenser Microphone

by Neat

The Neat Kingbee Cardioid Solid State Condenser Microphone excels for vocals, drums, electric guitar, piano, and most acoustic instruments, including complex sources like saxophones, flutes and strings.

Ideal for applications requiring low noise and high sensitivity, the Kingbee gives you accurate, detailed recordings with absolute transparency.

The Neat Kingbee comes with a full accessory package including the Honeycomb pop filter to keep plosives out of your recordings. The Beekeeper shockmount will minimize vibration transfer and velvet storage bag to protect your microphone when not in use.

  • Large-diaphragm condenser microphone
  • Gold-sputtered capsule and broad frequency range
  • Captures vocals and instruments with exceptional clarity
  • Class-A electronics for a full and clear sound
  • Honeycomb pop filter helps to minimise plosive and sibilance sounds
  • Complete with shockmount for improved stability and audio performance
  • Also includes velvet storage bag for storage when not in use

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