Marshall MG50GFX Guitar Amp Gold Edition


The Marshall MG50GFX Gold 50W Guitar Combo features the iconic 'gold' front panel design and delivers 50 watts of portable Marshall tone with added sound effects, reverb and delay.

It is the ideal amplifier for band rehearsals and for gigging, with added features making it perfect for practice too. The amp includes 4 channels so you can switch between clean and crunch sounds, with the overdrive channel available in both 'green' and 'red' modes. The FX dial allows you to select from 5 different digital effects, while the separate reverb (x2) and delay (x4) creates a spacious ambience over your tone. The amp is versatile enough to let you play all styles of music from clean pop through to heavily distorted rock and metal.

A headphone socket gives the ability to practice silently, while the AUX-in lets you jam along to your favourite tracks. Marshall has a huge reputation in amplifier manufacturing and rock 'n' roll history. The MG50GFX delivers a small piece of that heritage in a portable combo; perfect for the guitarist who needs a versatile gigging amplifier with in-built effects.

  • 4 Channels - clean/crunch, OD1/OD2
  • 2 OD modes for different flavours of overdrive - 'red' and 'green'
  • 3-band EQ for tone shaping
  • 7 digital effects - Chorus/Phaser/Flanger/Octave, Independent Delay (Hi-Fi, Tape, Multi and Reverse) , Independent Reverb (x2)
  • FX Loop for external effects
  • Includes footswitch
  • Larger cabinet ideal for band rehearsals and gigs
  • Classic Marshall 'Gold' control panel
  • AUX-in for playing music
  • Headphone out for silent practice
  • Speaker damping changes amp response from vintage to modern

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