Marshall ED-1 Compressor Pedal

SKU PEDL-10023

The Marshall compact pedals are all incredibly well built with very good sound quality but come in at an amazingly affordable price point. You can't go wrong with Marshall Pedals.

Compression is perhaps the most usefull and versatile effect available to any guitarist who is interested in improving their tone.

The purpose of the Compressor pedal is primarily to allow you to modify the sustain and attack of your guitar sound. Using classic variable gain techniques the Compressor will provide masses of clean sustain, which you can utilise whatever your style.

The Compressor pedal senses the level of the incoming guitar signal and, as the signal level decays, the gain of the internal circuitry is boosted to provide extra level and hence sustain.

  • Emphasis control
  • Volume control
  • Attack control
  • Compression control
  • Solid metal casing
  • Passive bypass

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