Marshall DSL1CR 1W 1x8 Valve Combo with Reverb




The Marshall DSL1CR packs the classic Marshall tone you've been dreaming of into their smallest combo yet. The DSL1CR gives you 1 watt of power with built in studio quality digital Reverb, all in a 1x8 Valve Combo that's perfect for home use or recording.

Marshall's DSL1CR is an all-tube, twin-channel combo, and don't get fooled by it's size, because this little beauty throws out some massive sounds. It's got two ECC83s in the preamp section plus an ECC82 in the power amp, and at 1 watt you've got a power output that's ideal for everything from the studio to the bedroom. And speaking of recording, with it's new emulated line output, you can plug straight into your recording chain with ease and know it'll sound great!

  • 2 channels — Classic Gain and Ultra Gain
  • 8" Celestion Eight 15 speaker
  • High and low power modes
  • Line output with Softube's accurate emulation of a Marshall 1960 cab
  • Refined EQ section
  • Studio-grade digital reverb
  • Rear-panel series effects loop

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