Marshall CODE100H Guitar Head


The Marshall CODE100H Guitar Head features over 100 presets to inspire your performances both at home and on the road, and you can also mix and match virtual Marshall preamps, power amps and speaker cab emulations to customize convincing tones for the stage and studio.

The 100 watts and 24 on-board features ensure you have everything you need to plug into a 4 x 12" and let loose for any size gig, but you can also use headphones to deliver signature Marshall sound directly to your ears without disturbing those nearby. There are 14 preamps, four power amps, and eight speaker cab emulations to explore, from sparkling clean to high-gain metal. You can also add any of 24 digital effects, and then save for instant recall at practice or onstage.

Adjustments can be made via USB using the included Marshall Gateway software or over Bluetooth with the mobile app, allowing amp tones to be altered from a distance. This amp is not only a stage amp, but is a useful practice and recording tool. An auxiliary input lets you plug in your phone or MP3 player and jam along, great for practicing, and a headphone out doubles as both an option for silent practice and as a natural-sounding output to run straight into your recording platform.


• The Marshall Code series in a stackable head
• Timeless Marshall looks and tones
• Has 100 watts for large gigs and practices
• 14 preamp models include classics like the JCM800, Bluesbreaker Plexi, and Silver Jubilee
• 4 power amp models for vintage and modern British and American tones
• 8 different speaker emulations for a tight 1 x 12" to a beefy 4 x 12"
• 24 digital effects to inspire new amp tones
• Auxiliary input for jamming along with music
• Headphone output for silent practice and direct recording
• Includes a 2-button footswitch

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