Marshall 2551AV Silver Jubilee Reissue Guitar Cab

SKU 2551AV
There were many great things about 1987......Bon Jovi went to number 1 with Livin on a prayer stateside, U2 released the Joshua tree, Guns n Roses released Appetite for Destruction, hair metal ruled the world and Neighbours ruled our TVs.
Also in 1987 Marshall released (or unleashed) the mighty Silver Jubilee head which took the iconic sound of the JCM800 to new heights by adding a second channel and an altogether hotter overdrive sound to match the needs of guitar players in the era of hard rock and metal genre. Probably the most famous of those Silver Jubilee players was a certain Slash from Guns n Roses who used the amp to forge some of rocks most famous riffs.
The silver Jubilee head was made to commemorate 25 years of Marshall and 50 years of Dr Jim Marshall OBE and featured a switch to change the amp from 100 to 50 watts so you could really overdrive it in smaller venues not to mention an fx loop and channel switching.
So here we are in 2015 with the long awaited re-issue of this wonderful amp so if you want to hear what all the fuss is about, you had better be quick.
The Marshall Silver Jubilee Series was original created back in 1987 to celebrate Marshall’s 25th Year of Manufacturing - Now in 2015, 28 years later, Marshall have re-issued part of this spectacular series in the form of the 2551AV Cab

The 2551AV Silver Jubilee re-issue 4 x 12″ angled cabinet is silver vinyl covered and loaded with 70 Watt Celestion ‘Vintage 30’ speakers. Partner this mono/stereo cab with the 2555X head for the half stack, and with the 2551BV straight front cab to make the Silver Jubilee re-issue full stack.

  • Model: 2551AV
  • Weight (KG): 40.6
  • Wattage: 280W
  • Inputs: 2
  • Speaker Configuration: 4 X 12"
  • Output Power: 70W each speaker
  • Speaker Model: Celestion 'Vintage 30'
  • Impedance:16/4 OHM Mono & 8 OHM Stereo

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