Mapex Storm P400TW Double Bass Drum Pedal

by Mapex

The Mapex Storm P400TW Double Bass Drum Pedal is part of the Storm series, and hardware from this series is highly durable and will suit players of every level.

The P400 features a redesigned footplate, that on the surface may just look like new styling but in fact serves a very important purpose. The cut-down heel plate actually allows the surface area of the footplate to increase without growing the overall size of the pedal. This in-turn moves the pivot point back down the pedal and nearer to the player, and means that those looking for ultimate responsiveness can find it closer and with greater ease.

The second, possibly overlooked feature is the solid base-plate. The base-plate distributes the force exerted on the pedal evenly, providing a secure foundation ensuring the pedal remains motionless and stable whilst playing.


• Ergonomic foot and heel plate design
• Solid base plate
• Single chain drive
• Fully adjustable spring tension
• Independent universal linkage adjustment
• Retractable floor spikes

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