Mapex Falcon PF1000 Single Bass Drum Pedal

by Mapex
SKU PF1000

The Mapex Falcon PF1000 Single Bass Drum Pedal features a reduced base plate size, interchangeable drive options, footboard height adjustment, a self-adjusting hoop clamp, beater angle adjustment and interchangeable beater weights.

The interchangeable drive system allows you to create your own preferred setting, and this plus the interchangeable beater weights gives you complete control over the balance and lag of the beater. The reversible beater head comes with interchangeable 10 gram and 20 gram inserts. By choosing one of these weights (or playing without any additional weight at all) the player can choose the desired degree of centrifugal force.

The PF1000 also has a reduced sized base allows for better snare stand and floor tom positioning whilst the dual chain on the driver provides you with a comfortable action. The footboard design provides the feel of a longer board without the additional weight and mass. A lighter footboard provides greater control with less fatigue and its uniquely sculpted profile allows the players to position his foot at any angle and operate the pedal with minimal expended energy, making even the most intricate patterns seem effortless.


• Contoured frame
• New lightweight cam for extra speed
• New textured finish

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