M-Audio BX5-D3 Studio Monitor

SKU 0020109578-l

The M-Audio BX5-D3 is a high quality, low-distortion studio monitor, designed for high-fidelity performance for audio production.

The BX5-D3 is the latest offering from the BX studio monitor series, which delivers articulate and accurate audio reproduction, with a flat frequency response and ultra-low distortion.

Build with a rugged and lightweight 5'' Kevlar low-frequency woofer, the BX5-D3 is capable of impressive transient responses whilst resisting unwanted speaker cone distortion. The 1'' dome tweeter is made from natural silk to counteract audible resonance that affects tweeters produced from more conventional materials, helping to recreate sound in awesome detail. The bi-amplified M-Audio BX5-D3 Studio Monitors allow you to hear further into the stereo field, and will aid anyone with the best results from their audio production.

  • Bi-Amplified Studio Monitor With 100W Of Class A/B Power
  • Optimised Bass Port Provides Extended Low-End Response
  • Wide Frequency Response From 52Hz To 35kHz
  • 5'' Rigid & Lightweight Military-Grade Kevlar Woofer
  • Consistently Delivers Critical Detail & Dynamic Accuracy

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