Line 6 StageSource L3s Subwoofer System

by Line 6

When Line 6 set out to do something, they do it properly – that’s why I’m pretty certain their foray into live sound is going to be amazing, surely you can’t use modelling technology in a PA – Line 6 can.

From rock band to club DJ, StageSource™ L3s is a high-powered subwoofer designed to deliver best-in-class low-end performance - whatever the application. Designed for the widest range of scenarios, Line 6 Smart Speaker modes allow you to configure the subwoofer output to deliver the perfect low-end performance at the touch of a button. Whether you need a huge punchy kick and bass for a live rhythm section, or deep sub-bass lows for use in a DJ rig, Smart Speaker modes make setup simple and deliver stunning sound in every application.

  • Flexible Crossovers
  • Multi-Function Design and Scalability
  • 1200W, 2x12, Bi-amp Design
  • Stereo In/out/thru
  • Tour-grade Construction

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