Line 6 Relay G10 Transmitter

by Line 6

The Line 6 Relay G10 Transmitter pairs with your wireless-enabled Spider V amplifier and Relay G10 receiver seamlessly, creating a complete wireless instrument system, plus the 24-bit sound quality and 10Kz-20kHz frequency response make the system sound as good as a high quality instrument cable.

The incredible quality of this transmitter is all thanks to Line 6’s innovative Cable Tone technology, giving you a 50-foot transmission range that allows you to move around the stage without any fear of the signal dropping out. The G10 also has plug-and-play simplicity, with no fiddling around in menus, making it almost identical to a regular cable apart from switching it on. You don’t even have to worry about batteries, as there is a built-in Li-ion battery that can last up to eight hours with continuous use and 200 hours on standby per single charge.


• Pairs seamlessly with Line 6's Spider V 60, 120, 240 amplifiers, and the Relay G10 receiver
• 24-bit sound quality and a 10Hz-20kHz frequency response preserve your tone
• Cable Tone technology sounds as good as a cable and is easier to use
• 50' transmission range prevents dropouts during a performance
• Up to 8 hours of run time and 200 hours of standby time

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