KRK 12sHO Active Studio Subwoofer

by KRK

The KRK 12sHO delivers unrivalled low frequencies from a Kevlar woven driver powered by an impressive 400Watt amplifier. Ideal to accompany any high end active studio monitor system such as the KRK Expose.

The KRK12sHO powered subwoofer is the perfect High Output choice for professional studios, where ultra-accurate bass extension and maximum sound levels are required. Powered by a massive 400-watt amplifier and a strengthened version of our signature Kevlar woofer, the KRK12sHO is the no-compromise way to hear what is happening in the depths of your mix.

Subwoofers allow you to use smaller main monitors, make it possible to monitor the essential low-frequency range and can be a great solution for space-challenged control rooms or mixing environments.

  • Strong, extended low-frequency response
  • Increase your monitoring system's dynamic range
  • Works well with any nearfield monitors
  • 400 watts of power
  • Rugged 12" Kevlar speaker will hold up to years of hard use
  • Frequency response: 29.2Hz - 160Hz
  • Balanced XLR, and TRS inputs and outputs for the ultimate in studio flexibility
  • Lowpass frequency adjustment to dial in the sweet spot
  • Phase switch, ground lift to correct for studio issues

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