Korg Volca Beats Analogue Drum Synth

by Korg

Peerless beats generated by solid analogue drum sounds and an Electribe-style sequencer

Even today, more than thirty years after the age dominated by analogue synthesizers, we just can't let go of the sound of analogue rhythm machines. Those thick sounds have the power to stand up to guitar and acoustic drums, and are still indispensable for track-making or live performance.

The volca Beats gives you those analogue drums plus the easy-to-use step sequencer of the Electribe; it lets you turn your inspiration into reality and generate beats with the best high-quality sounds.
  • Real analogue sounds created with reference to classic rhythm machines

  • Six editable analogue parts with one knob per function for easy editing

  • Maximum effect from minimal parameters - a unique advantage of analogue

  • PCM sound engine expands possibilities when used with analogue sounds 

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