Ibanez AT100CL-SB Andy Timmons Electric Guitar Sunburst

by Ibanez

The Ibanez AT100CL in a sunburst finish was recreated from Andy's favoured axe, which has been unavailable for several years. The AT delivers the sonic variety needed by a player who is equal parts blues master, ultra versatile session master, and speed demon.

The AT100’s neck is unfinished (or at least very minimally finished), and according to Ibanez, is a digitally replicated version of a worn vintage neck on one of 'Andy Timmons’ favourite guitars. The 22 jumbo frets have rounded tips and a gleaming polish, and the only adornments on the slab maple fretboard are black position dots. A four-bolt joint attaches the neck to the gloss-finished alder body, and this area is rounded for an easy reach to the top frets. The single-layer pickguard holds a set of DiMarzio pickups in the classic HSS configuration.

The bridge unit is a custom Andy Timmons AT1 with alnico 5 magnets—a design he has been using since 2001. The neck and middle pickups are hum-cancelling Cruiser models that feature side-by-side coils and ceramic magnets. They have more output than stock Strat pickups, and are voiced for greater low-end emphasis. They feed a master Volume control, a pair of Tone pots, and a 5-way selector. Anchoring the strings at the body end is a Wilkinson bridge, which is adjusted to set flat on the body.

  • Neck type 1pc AT Maple neck
  • Body Alder body
  • Fret Jumbo frets
  • Bridge Wilkinson-Gotoh VSVG bridge
  • Neck pu DiMarzio Cruiser (S) neck pu
  • Middle pu DiMarzio Cruiser (S) mid pu
  • Bridge pu DiMarzio AT1 Custom (H) bridge pu
  • Hardware color Chrome

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