Fender Pelt Fuzz Pedal

by Fender
SKU 023-4542-000

If you're in any type of rock or punk band, a good fuzz pedal is indispensable and The Pelt Fuzz pedal has plenty of tricks up it's purple sleeve - as well as all the controls you'd expect, Fender have added a mid and a thick switch, meaning you'll always be able to get that ideal fuzz tone. 

The Felt has all of your usual controls like level, fuzz and tone but also includes a bloom control to further shape your sound, while the mid switch lets you boost or cut the midrange and the thick switch adds girth to your tone - with all these control at your finger (foot?) tips, whatever fuzz sound you're after, you'll be able to achieve it with The Felt. 

Fender consulted a range of guitar players during the design process to make sure it's got the features you want in a pedal you're using on stage - it's lightweight, the batteries are easy and quick to change and it's backlit knobs mean you'll always know exactly what your settings are, even on a dark stage.

  • Silicon transistor based gain circuitry
  • Tone, mid-boost, and thickness controls for tone-shaping
  • Bloom pushes sounds from smooth, vintage-style sounds to splattery modern fuzz tones
  • Rugged anodized aluminium construction
  • Battery door with magnetic latching opening (no screws needed)
  • Powered by 9V battery or DC

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