Fender Newporter Player Acoustic Jetty Black

by Fender
SKU 097-0743-006

The Fender Newporter Player Acoustic in Jetty Black with a slim taper neck is an eye-catching guitar that is sure to impress.

The exclusive medium-sized Newporter shape gives it a balanced voice that’s both articulate and powerful, absolutely perfect to back up any singer. As well as that it has a fully-painted gloss metallic solid spruce top, mahogany back and sides, matching painted 6-in-line headstock and crème binding.

Looking into its construction, it features optimised bracing for reduced mass and superior resonance, a Graph Tech NuBone nut and saddle for greater sustain and a Fishman preamp system that makes it easy to plug in without sacrificing the guitar’s natural sound. Even though it’s unconventional to the core, the Newporter Player is definitely something different and exciting.

  • Superb playability & distinctive appearance for an unmistakable Fender vibe
  • Optimised bracing for superior resonance and great projection
  • Slim-taper neck for easy playability
  • Built-in preamp for live performance and amplified rehearsals, perfect for the gigging musician
  • Jetty Black finish, gold pickguard, and classic Fender headstock for a distinctively bold appearance

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