Fender Mustang Olympic White Maple Neck

by Fender
SKU 014-4042-505

The Fender Mustang in Olympic White with Maple Neck features a solidbody that reintroduces one of the most popular offset-body styles with some modern updates that are a hit with the new wave of modern guitar players.

The Mustang's 24" scale length keeps string tension low and is ideal for players with a naturally smaller frame, and the duet of angled single-coil pickups sounds clear when run clean or devastating through your favourite fuzz pedal. Plus, the guitar's electronics are an intuitive affair that allow you to focus solely on your music.

Full Description

The Fender Mustang is one of the most identifiable and sought-after offset electric guitar body styles in the world. Its compact dimensions not only imbue it with plenty of character, but it remains lightweight and extremely comfortable for smaller players. This Mustang carries with it the standard Mustang 24" scale length that maintains lower string tension for easy chording and a warm and stringy tone.

The soul of this great Mustang is its duet of Fender angled single-coil pickups. These new designs maintain the clear and organic tones of traditional Mustang single-coils, while offering a full, strat-like tonality that further expands the Mustang's versatile voice. A 3-way toggle selects between the tubular-sounding neck pickup and aggressive bridge unit. And the Mustang's 2-knob control layout makes dialling in your tones a simple affair.

Another aspect of the Mustang that has been updated for the demands of today's guitarists is its neck. While this maple-on-maple affair does boast a vintage-style 24" scale length, the fretboard is designed with a 9.5" fretboard radius. Fender has been using this radius for a long time because it offers comfortable chording and unimpeded single-note playing and bending. The neck profile is a "C" shape that fills your hand in a very satisfying manner. And 22 medium-jumbo frets are a wonderful middle ground for all sorts of styles.

  • Iconic offset design with a rock 'n' roll vibe
  • 24" scale length is great for smaller frames
  • Hardtail bridge maintains tuning stability
  • 2 angled single-coil pickups blend Mustang and Strat tonalities
  • Straightforward electronics package
  • Comfortable 9.5" fretboard radius

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