Fender Classic Player Baja Tele 60s Faded Sonic Blue PF

by Fender
SKU 014-1513-372

The Fender Classic Player 60s Baja Tele in Faded Sonic Blue with Pau Ferro neck is packed full 1960's style and features, it's got an alder body for a full, warm sound and great sustain and it's '58 and '52 American pickups give you a great vintage sound with that classic Tele twang.

To keep as close to the original 60s Teles as possible the Baja comes fitted with a vintage-style 3-saddle bridge with a string-through-body design for classic Tele tone and excellent sustain. While it's American pickups deliver plenty of warmth and all the cutting mids you'd expect from a Tele, it's 4-position blade switch combined with the 2-position S-1 switch, gives you access to an incredible amount of tonal options ranging from classic Tele to series and parallel out-of-phase tones high-output madness.

  • Alder body 
  • 3-saddle bridge and string-through-body 
  • American Vintage single-coil pickups
  • S-1 switch
  • '60s C-shaped neck profile
  • Pau ferro fingerboard

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