Fender CC-140SCE Electro Acoustic Natural with Case

by Fender
SKU 096-2710-221

The Fender CC-140SCE Electro Acoustic Natural with Case is a concert-sized model that boasts premium features at an affordable price, and is specially designed to create an accommodating feel for both beginners and experienced players alike.

The concert body profile offers a smaller and more comfortable shape for beginners to get used to. The thinner body depth also gives the guitar a more intimate, well-balanced tone than that of a dreadnought, with a slight emphasis on the upper mids to deliver a sparkling timbre - perfect for both fingerpickers and strummers.

The body is built using a combination of tonewoods with rosewood adopted for the back and sides, and solid spruce for the top. Rosewood generates a confident midrange energy, whilst spruce offers an articulate and crisp high-end clarity. The contoured body shape allows the guitar to rest comfortable against your body whether performing in a standing or seated position.

Shaped to Fender's 'Easy-to-Play' neck profile, both new players and seasoned pros will appreciate the ergonomically designed comfort afforded by this neck. The 12-inch fingerboard radius is perfect for executing smooth string bends on, as well as offering an ideal playground for perfecting your technique on. Thanks to the cutaway body profile, the upper frets on the neck are within easy reach.

Fender has equipped the CC-140SCE with Fishman's Presys Plus side-mounted preamp system. Whether you're amplifying your signal for the stage, hitting the studio, or jamming with friends, the onboard electronics allows you to be heard, whilst retaining the acoustic timbre of the body.

  • Great for learners and more advanced players
  • Concert Cutaway body shape
  • Solid spruce top
  • Rosewood back and sides
  • Mahogany, Fender 'Easy-to-Play' neck shape with rolled fretboard edges
  • Special Electronics: Fishman Presys Plus, side-mounted Preamp with built-in electronic tuner
  • Case/Gig Bag: Hardshell Case

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