Fender American Pro Tele Black MN

by Fender
SKU 011-3062-706

The Fender American Pro Tele in Black with Maple Neck features a solid body, two V-Mod single-coil pickups, Deep-C neck profile and improved bridge design, all coming together to create a highly playable and versatile instrument.

The solid body is finely crafted to provide you with the best design elements from classic vintage Teles, plus contains all the modern features you need in an instrument that is gig-ready. The classic Fender neck carve has been enhanced to a Deep-C profile. By adding slightly more roundness to the back contour, the Deep-C curve fits your hand perfectly and allows you to maintain excellent technique. The narrow-tall frets also give your fingers amazing control, and it’s no wonder this is the most requested fret size as the Fender Custom Shop.

The two V-mod single-coil pickups have been designed by Tim Shaw, creating a vintage voice that is balanced across all the switch positions. These pickups deliver crystal-clear sound and enhance your playing dynamics, but can still get gritty and aggressive when you need them to. Unlike vintage pickups, these V-mod single-coils are crafted with different alnico magnets in each pickup, giving you consistent output in all pickup positions. Plus, the on-board treble bleed circuit ensures your tone stays clear and present when lowering the guitar's volume.

Finally, the bridge design is a brilliant blend of old and new, with the return of the three brass-barrel saddles that helped vintage Teles obtain their unmistakable twang. But this new version is compensated to achieve flawless intonation all the way up and down the fretboard. And the "ashtray" bridge plate is designed to give your picking hand plenty of room, even while palm muting.


• A Telecaster design that blends the best of modern and vintage construction
• Clear-sounding ash body
• Maple neck with comfortable Deep-C profile
• 2 Shaw-designed V-Mod single-coil pickups are balanced across the positions
• Narrow-tall frets are the most requested size in the Fender Custom Shop
• 3 compensated brass-barrel string saddles
• Comfortable 9.5" fretboard radius
• Newly designed "ashtray" bridge

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