Fender American Pro Jazz Bass V Olympic White RW

by Fender
SKU 019-3950-705

The Fender American Pro Jazz Bass V in Olympic White with Rosewood Neck is the latest version of the original ground-breaking jazz bass, now with 5 strings. This instrument is ideal for gigging and recording, and has a multitude of excellent features.

The Slim-C profile neck has a familiar and comfortable feel, and is narrow enough for you to move up and down the fretboard easily. The satin finish makes playing even smoother, and the 9.5” fretboard radius gives the guitar a modern look and feel. A set of Posiflex graphite rods is installed to keep the neck stable and straight, and the rigid HiMass vintage-style bridge works with the bone nut to transfer more of the string's energy to the body of the instrument, enhancing its sustain and articulation.

This jazz bass boasts a 2-pickup setup, staying close to its heritage with two Tim Shaw designed V-Mod single coil pickups, providing you with diverse tonal variation. These single-coils have the warm and natural tones of older pickups, while also delivering the clarity and dynamic range of some of today's best designs. And the fluted tuner design ensures you have optimal break angle and tension on your string posts.


• Tried-and-true J Bass design with player-friendly updates
• 5-string design
• 2 V-Mod single-coil pickups blend vintage and modern tonalities
• Alder body delivers a balanced sound
• Slim-C neck profile is fast and comfortable
• Fluted tuners keep proper tension on your string posts
• Neck is stabilized with Posiflex graphite rods
• HiMass vintage bridge adds sustain and articulation

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