Fender American Pro Fretless Jazz Bass Sonic Grey RW

by Fender
SKU 019-4100-748

This Fretless American Professional Jazz Bass in Sonic Grey has been finely fettled resulting in a more user and gig friendly weapon that will never let you down.

New V-Mod pickups give all the traditional Jazz tones with a crisp, clear high output but still retain that classic vintage warmth. A Modern C shape neck gives a superfit in the hand and allows for comfortable playing over extended time periods. The new Posiflex graphite truss rod reinforces against movement that can occur with fluctuations of the environment. New fluted shaft tuners ensure the string winds move down, increasing the break angle over the nut helping with sustain and stability.

  • High Mass Vintage Bridge
  • Posiflex Graphite Rods
  • Elite Moulded Case

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