Epiphone Pro 1 Plus Acoustic Guitar Natural


The Epiphone Pro 1 Plus Acoustic Guitar in Natural has several features that make it the perfect guitar for learning to play, including ultra-light strings and a shorter scale length.

The shorter scale length offers two great advantages - frets that are closer together and a slight reduction in string tension. Closer frets make it easier for new players, or younger players, to create the chord shapes and fret the instrument cleanly. Likewise, a reduction in string tension requires less effort to cleanly fret the guitar.

The ultra-light strings also reduce the amount of effort required to fret the guitar cleanly and produce a correct sound. Finger pain from tough strings is eliminated and likewise hand cramps will be reduced. The Pro-1 Plus also offers a significantly thinner body than regular dreadnought guitars, enabling new players to sit comfortably, play confidently and spend more time focusing on their playing.

The Pro-1 Plus also features an innovative 'EZ String' bridge, which doesn't feature bridge pins. This makes restringing the guitar super simple. Plus the jumbo frets to make life even easier for beginners, making general fretting easier and enabling players to master key playing techniques such as bending, hammer ons and pull offs. The larger fret size makes it easier for inexperienced players to make plenty of contact with the strings and learn these key fundamentals that will become an everyday part of playing.

  • Thin dreadnought body
  • Rosewood EZ String Bridge
  • Back/Side Wood: Select Mahogany
  • Solid Spruce top
  • Fretboard Wood: Rosewood with PRO-Ease Lubricant
  • Mahogany EZ-PRO C Shape Profile neck
  • 20 JumboPRO frets
  • Epiphone Ultra-Light 9-47s strings

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