Epiphone De Luxe Classic F Hole Masterbilt Vintage Natural


The Epiphone De Luxe Classic F Hole Masterbilt Vintage Natural is a fantastic recreation of the original archtops seen in the 1930s, with powerful note clarity that is there in spades thanks to the solid spruce arched top.

Assertive may be the best term to describe the full yet cutting tone that a great archtop acoustic guitar displays. This sound puts much of the focus on the guitar's midrange, making the instrument superb for powerful chord work and letting your single-note runs really jump off the fretboard. The New Century De Luxe delivers this character through its solid spruce arched top and maple/mahogany back, sides, and neck.

While the design of the De Luxe archtop looks back to the 1930s, updates abound that prepare this instrument for the demands and requirements of a modern musician's lifestyle. This archtop loves live performance thanks to the on-board Shadow electronics system. The controls are tucked neatly away to not interrupt the vintage and curvy lines of the guitar.

  • Archtop acoustic-electric that recalls Epiphone's New York years
  • Solid arched spruce top delivers the unmistakable vintage tone
  • Full-sounding 17" maple body
  • Epiphone mother-of-pearl decorative headstock inlay
  • Elegant notched-diamond fretboard inlay
  • Shadow electronics deliver a natural plugged-in tone
  • Real bone nut

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