Electro Harmonix Pitch Fork Pitch Shifter and Harmonizer Pedal


Transpose your guitar over a three octave range - Shifting the pitch up, down or both simultaneously.

Choose from eleven different intervals or infinitely control the pitch to any interval by attaching an expression pedal.

  • Simple, intuitive controls to choose from eleven different intervals
  • Control your intervals manually by attaching an expression pedal
  • A huge range of intervals including: D (Detune), a shift of 17 cents, through Minor 2nd, Major 2nd, Major 3rd, Perfect 4th, Perfect 5th, Major 6th, Minor 7th, 1 Octave, 2 Octaves and 3 Octaves.
  • Three position toggle switch controls whether the pitch is transposed up, down or both
  • Blend knob enables you to control the mix of the dry signal and the effected signal
  • Latch and momentary modes change how the attached footswitch/expression pedal behaves
  • Included EHX 9.6DC-200mA AC Adapter

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