Electro Harmonix Memory Toy Analog Delay / Chorus Effects Pedal


The Memory Toy presents a pure analog delay for musicians who want a thick sound from a not so thick wallet.

Alot of delay pedals can be well out of the price range of the price conscious musician and they often struggle to get a great sounding delay without spending a lot! Fear not, the Memory Toy, a relative to the Memory Man is far from a toy but a professional tool that soaks your guitar with organic depth and dimension. The selectable chorus is a lush bonus too.

No one does analog like EHX!

  • Offers between 30 - 550 milliseconds of organic repeats
  • Control echo and timing using the Delay and Feedback dials
  • Blend dial allows you to create a range of dry or wet tones
  • Mod on / off switch adds bright chorus to the delay
  • Pedalboard friendly
  • True bypass footswitch
  • Compact but durable chassis

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