Electro Harmonix Memory Boy Deluxe Delay Pedal


The Electro Harmonix Memory Boy Deluxe Delay Pedal features quality IC's deliver warm and organic analogue tones while "tap tempo" allows you to always be in sync with the groove.

One of the problems with many conventional delay pedals is that you often can't sync the delay with the tempo of the song. Not a problem with the Deluxe Memory Boy! Just tap in the right tempo, and you're off and running.

Want to add a bit of extra texture? Engage the modulation section and choose between square and triangle waves. The depth or rate can be controlled via the expression pedal input. And speaking of expressing yourself, you can use an expression pedal to control the amount of delay as well as the amount of feedback. If you're familiar with analogue delays, you'll understand what an awesome creative tool having expressive control over the feedback circuit is, as you can instantly conjure spiralling feedback at your leisure.

But the Deluxe Memory Boy doesn't stop there! An FX loop lets you colour only the delayed signal with an additional effects pedal. Let it sink in for a minute; imagine what you can do with that! Octave pedals, fuzz pedals, ring modulators — drop anything you want into the FX loop and add your signature style to your sound.

  • Tap tempo
  • Tap divide timing subdivisions
  • Expression pedal input for flexible control
  • Triangle- and square-wave modulation, with adjustable rate and depth for superior chorus, vibratos, and sweeps
  • Total analogue bucket brigade design
  • Built-in FX loop

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