Electro Harmonix Lester G Deluxe Rotary Speaker Pedal


The Electro Harmonix Lester G Rotary Speaker Emulator lets you get that great Leslie Speaker sound without breaking the bank and your back.

This 8-control, 2-footswitch stompbox lets you control anything from drive to speed and acceleration, while the "squash" functions as a compressor, making it ideal for use with guitars and keyboards. The Lester G can help you get proggy, funky sounds as well as murkey and eerie tones- great fun and very useful.

  • Ultimate rotary speaker emulator
  • Fully featured compressor built-in
  • Stereo/mono in/out
  • Tube emulated overdrive
  • Adjustable Fast and Slow modes
  • Acceleration control
  • High quality buffered bypass

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