Electro Harmonix Good Vibes Pedal


The Electro Harmonix Good Vibes Pedal serves up thick, syrupy chorus and vibrato effects you can really dig into, with boosted power rails, which give you a high-definition sound and extra headroom that vintage pedals can't offer.

Just like the legendary Uni-Vibe from the '60s, the EHX Good Vibes uses photocells to create smooth and vibrant chorus and vibrato effects, giving you one of the closest replicas of the Uni-Vibe. You can even plug in an optional expression pedal just like the original to control either speed or intensity on the fly.

Just like the original pedal you can get period accurate chorus and vibrato sounds a the drop of a hat. With the three main control knobs on top of the pedal you get to take command of the volume, intensity and speed of the effect while a toggle switch controls if you want a vibrato or chorus effect. This is a much simpler control system than some Uni-Vibe style pedals though it still gives you all the control you need to get some incredible sounds.

  • Analog photocell-based chorus and vibrato pedal for electric guitar
  • Dial in classic vibe effects with Speed, Intensity and Volume controls
  • Use an expression pedal for creative control over Speed or Intensity
  • Enjoy ultra-clear tone and exceptional headroom thanks to boosted power rails
  • Power supply included

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