Electro Harmonix Analogizer Tone Shaping Pedal

SKU Analogizer

The Electro Harmonix Analogizer Tone Shaping Pedal is your cure for lacklustre tone. The Analogizer's analogue circuit path is designed to sound like the front end of a vibrant analogue delay pedal, just without the long delay times.

A shorter delay time (3.5ms to 65ms) is used to make subtle tonal variations or thicken up your sound. You also get up to 26dB of boost to hype your signal further. The real magic of the Analogizer is its ability to add body and glow to any signal you run through it. It's great for beefing up your tone, but it truly excels at the end of a chain of effects pedals, especially digital effects.

  • All-analogue signal path with 26dB of gain to maximize your guitar or bass tone
  • Adds body and depth to signals that may have lost some vibe due to digital processing
  • Ideal way to keep your signal intact after a long chain of pedals
  • Spread control uses short delay times for tonal variations
  • Power supply not included, 9V battery operation

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