Dunlop Delrin 500 Standard .96mm Player Pack (12 Picks)

by Dunlop
SKU 41P96

Dunlop Delrin 500 Standard .96mm Player Pack (12 Picks) gives your guitar a bright and lively tone with a hard, chiming attack and instant release.

Delrin is an ultra-hard plastic that is both incredibly stiff and extremely slick on your strings, without being unnecessarily bulky or hard to handle. Whether you demand extreme precision in your technical riffing or simply want to add a bit of extra brightness to your guitar, you'll be impressed by what these smooth and super-strong Delrin picks can offer.

  • Delrin plastic guitar picks provide extra bite and chime to your tone
  • Ultra-smooth surface slides off of strings instantly, providing you with ultra-fast release
  • Standard shape
  • 0.96mm
  • 12 picks

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