Dimarzio DP423-W The Injector Bridge Single-Coil Pickup White


The Dimarzio DP423-W Injector Bridge Single-Coil Pickup in white is one of DiMarzio's hottest hum-canceling models (185mV output) with six individual Alnico magnets. The sound is not like a vintage single-coil: highs are bright but not glassy, and lows are solid and defined.

The DiMarzio Injector Bridge pickup is recommended for the bridge position in Stratocaster and Superstrat style guitars, but is well suited to all positions. Designed for high performance in all situations, the Injector produces an exceptionally balanced tone perfect for a wide range of styles.

It was designed to work equally well with rapid single-note arpeggios and power chords without becoming muddy or compressed. It has about 40% less magnet-pull than standard single-coils, and this is essential for the superior speed and dynamic range with which this pickup responds to pick attack.

  • Wiring: 4 Conductor
  • Magnet: Alnico 2
  • Output: 185 mV
  • DC Resistance: 11.35 kΩ
  • Colour: White

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