DiMarzio DP228F-BK Crunch Lab F-spaced Humbucker Pickup Black


This is the DiMarzio DP228F-BK Crunch Lab F-spaced Humbucker Pickup in black. With a fantastic name that alludes to its nature, this pickup gives a fantastic "crunch" tone with a stadium filling rich sound that sits nicely in the mix and is tight around th edges.

The Crunch Lab Dimarzio bridge pickup is a custom series created in collaboration with Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci. John has been at the pointy end of progressive metal for over 25 years, and has used his knowledge and experience with the prestige of Dimarzio to create a quality pickup which is great for both live and studio use. 

The Crunch Lab has a rich unique voicing; producing a full sound with open lows and mids for gain amp chords with body and presence and detailed highs for standout solo playing.

  • F-Spaced
  • 4-conductor wiring
  • Ceramic magnet
  • 410mV output
  • 11.03 Kohm DC resistance

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