DiMarzio DP100-CR Super Distortion Pickup Cream


The DiMarzio DP100-CR Super Distortion Pickup in Cream is one of the earliest pickups DiMarzio created, and it’s designed to send your tube amp straight into overdrive due to its ultra-high output.

This pickup started a sound revolution. Replacement pickups simply didn't exist before the invention of the Super Distortion in the early Seventies. The Super Distortion (and its original 3-conductor version, the Dual Sound) was the first pickup specifically designed to kick a tube amp into total overdrive, and is still the standard by which all other high-output pickups are measured.

Expect power and tone from this classic pickup - both single-notes and chords are huge, with humbucker-signature thick, boosted mids; fat highs; and killer lows. Generally, this is a bridge-position pickup, but it can work great in the neck with lower-gain guitar amplifiers.

  • High-output pickup
  • Best for solidbody guitars
  • Generally used in the bridge position
  • Standard spacing
  • Great as a neck pickup with lower-gain amplifiers
  • Wiring: 4 Conductor
  • Magnet: Ceramic
  • Output: 425
  • DC Resistance: 13.68

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