Daddario EJ17-3D Phosphor Bronze Medium 3-Pack


This three pack of D’addario EJ17-3D Phosphor Bronze Medium strings is perfect if you want to stock up or if you burn through strings quickly. EJ17 strings provide a heavier tension, giving you a bolder and more resonant acoustic tone that is ideal for flat-picking and heavy strumming.

Phosphor bronze has underpinned string making since 1974, and is key in the creation of warm, bright, and well-balanced acoustic tone. D'Addario Phosphor Bronze strings are precision wound with corrosion resistant phosphor bronze onto a carefully drawn, hexagonally shaped, high carbon steel core. The result is long lasting, bright sounding tone with excellent intonation.

  • D'Addario's most popular choice for heavy strumming, flat-picking and resonant, projecting tone
  • Preferred for its warm, bright, and well balanced acoustic tone
  • Environmentally friendly, corrosion resistant packaging for strings that are always fresh
  • String Gauges: Plain Steel .013, .017, Phosphor Bronze Wound .026, .035, .045, .056

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