Cameo Multi Par 3 Lighting Set

by Cameo

The Cameo Multi Par 3 Lighting Set features four flat PAR floodlights, each with seven ultra-bright 8W quad LEDs and 25° beam angle, which are convection cooled and mounted on a bar with integral controls and all connectors so that they are individually moveable.

With completely redesigned software and practically oriented programs, the Cameo Multi Par 3 Lighting Set is the optimal all-in-one system for expressive lighting design in mobile and stationary applications.


• Colour spectrum: RGBW
• Infrared remote control included
• Illuminated LC display with four function keys
• DMX input: XLR 3-pole
• DMX connector: XLR 3-pole
• DMX mode: 4-channel 1, 4-channel 2, 6-channel, 8-channel, 9-channel, 16-channel, 21-channel
• DMX functions: RGBW, master dimmer, strobe, sound control, program mode, 2 switchable power sockets
• Controller connector: XLR-5-pole
• Stand-alone modes: Program mode, sound mode, slave, auto run, dimmer mode
• Stand-alone modes: flow invert, dimmer curve, master dimmer
• Cooling system: convection
• Luminous intensity 1 m (per LED element): 6400 lx

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