Boss ES-5 Effects Switching System


The Boss ES-5 Effects Switching System is a pedalboard-friendly effects switching system that provides you with a host of often-requested features and functions.

With access to five loops, you can craft elaborate effects chains, and the on board memory allows you to store 200 patches than can be recalled simply with the tap of a toe.

All of the switcher's functions can be customized, and the system utilizes an analogue circuit to keep your tone clean and pure.

  • 5 loops for flexible routing
  • 200 instantly recallable patch memories
  • On-board memory stores external control parameters
  • Completely customizable pedal function
  • Buffers can be switched on/off individually
  • Highly reliable footswitches with switch-noise mute capability
  • LCD and 7-segment LED display show detailed information
  • 100% analogue circuit protects your pure tone

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