Blackstar LT Echo 15 Guitar Amp


The Blackstar LT Echo 15 Guitar Amp sets a new standard for starter combo amps, with amazing tone and feel, and limitless sounds thanks to Blackstar’s patented Infinite Shape Feature.

The Infinite Shape Feature delivers a huge spread of sounds, from American tones with a tight bottom end and aggressive middle to a more British vibe with a woodier sound that's less aggressive. You can add dimension to your playing with a built-in digital tape delay effect, and you can jam along with your favourite tunes thanks to the added MP3 input.

A speaker-emulated output sounds like a miked cabinet, even when you're wearing headphones for those late-night practice sessions. Blackstar is a firm believer that just because you're a beginner doesn't mean that you don't deserve great tone.

  • 2 channels provide you with clean and overdrive tones
  • Infinite Shape Feature gives you a plethora of tonal choices
  • Tape delay effect adds dimension to your playing
  • MP3 input for jamming along to your favourite music
  • Emulated line-out for silent practice or recording
  • 2 x 3" speakers deliver true Blackstar tones

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