Blackstar ID:CORE 20 V2 Guitar Amp


The Blackstar ID:CORE 20 V2 is possibly the ultimate practice amplifier for beginner guitarists, with six inspiring amp voices that range from classic clean to saturated overdrive and Super Wide Stereo technology that envelops you in immersive sound.

With the patented Infinite Shape Feature (ISF) control, you can dial into the perfect blend of American and British character, then add gloss and dimension to your playing with built-in modulation, delay, and reverb effects. Not only do its 12 effects sound amazing in stereo, plugging your media player into the ID:CORE 20 V2's MP3/Line In jack results in a multidimensional jam session that's a whole lot of fun.

The Blackstar USB 2.0 functionality makes recording and re-amping a breeze. Record directly from your amp to your computer. Re-amping has never been easier. You can even record just the preamp out, making it easy to add your own effects and cabinet emulation in your DAW. PreSonus Studio One Blackstar Edition DAW software is also included, providing you with everything you need to create killer recordings.

The USB connection can also be used in conjunction with the included Insider app for deep editing and storing your patches. You can also share, upload, and download patches via the online community. This handy app is also loaded with features that will maximize your practice sessions, such as a built-in audio player for jamming along with your favourite MP3s and a phrase trainer for looping and time-stretching passages.

  • Modulations: Phaser, Chorus/Flanger, Tremolo, and a new Envelope Filter
  • Delays: Linear, Analogue, Tape, and Multi delays
  • Reverbs: Hall, Spring, and Plate reverbs add immersive dimension to your playing
  • 6-channel modelling guitar combo amplifier that's ideal for beginners
  • 6 inspiring amp voices run the gamut from classic clean to saturated overdrive
  • 12 built-in effects add gloss and dimension to your playing
  • Super Wide Stereo technology envelops you in immersive sound
  • Jam along to your favourite tunes via a re-voiced MP3/Line Input
  • USB 2.0 functionality for recording directly from your amp to your computer
  • Enhanced voices cover clean to scream and all points between
  • Enhanced 12FX in Super Wide Stereo including a new envelope filter
  • Includes PreSonus Studio One Blackstar Edition DAW software

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