Blackstar HT Club 50H MKII Valve Head

SKU HT Club 50H MkII

The Blackstar HT Club 50H MKII Valve Head is an incredible amp head with a powerful new clean channel, richer more responsive overdrives and a power reduction option, reducing the full wattage down by 10%.

Its powerful new clean channel offers the ultimate in clean tone; all clean channels now have a bass, treble and a voice switch. It has richer, more responsive overdrives; each with its own voice switch. The high gain voices are tight and focused. As well as that, all modes footswitchable with the optional 5-way FS-14 footcontroller, which gives the widest possible selection of stage accessible valve tones.

Another great feature is the power reduction, a switchable power reduction circuit is included giving reliable, transparent attenuation down to 10% of the amp’s rated power. It’s more compact and lightweight: All the products have been re-engineered to make them more practical and portable.

Some of the other features include a Digital Reverb (dark/light) switch, USB output for recording and a 2-way footcontroller is included.

  • 50-watt all-tube guitar amplifier head
  • 2 footswitchable channels with voicing switches deliver tonal flexibility
  • Coax sparkling highs and lucid lows from the boutique-style clean channel
  • Overdrive channel supplies enough gain for blues, classic rock, and hard rock
  • Infinite Shape Feature (ISF) dials in everything from American to British high-gain tones
  • Speaker-emulated output for recording or running straight to a PA
  • Digital reverb with Dark/Bright switch gives you access to the reverb style you crave
  • Effects loop with Loop Level switch makes integrating your pedalboard and other effects easy
  • USB audio output
  • 2-way footswitch included

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