Ashdown Rootmaster C210T Bass Combo

by Ashdown
SKU RM-C210T-500-EVO

The Rootmaster EVO C210T 500 is a powerful 500 watt combo that's loaded with a twin Ashdown White Line 10” speakers. Like other combos in the Ashdown Rootmaster line up, the C210T 500 offers improved features and finish, coupled with a dramatic reduction in weight.

Tonally, the compact design of the EVO C210T maintains the low-end response with a more dynamic mid range. The addition of the tweeter provides extra high end and can be adjusted either to either hi, low or off depending on your preference. The pre amp now includes a passive and active input jack socket for use with high and low output instruments, With the signal at its optimal level, you can enhance your tone using the shape button, 5-band EQ and on-board compressor.

The drive control, as always delivers a delectable valve emulated over-drive, whilst the sub harmonic controls add further fatness to your tone - both can be foot-switched via an FS 2 footswitch.

  • Simple, powerful EQ
  • One knob compression
  • Footswitchable, variable overdrive
  • Sub-harmonic generator brings extra depth and definition to your bass parts

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