Alto Professional 12 Inch Speaker Cover


The Alto Professional 12 Inch Speaker Cover is made from padded, durable nylon that can withstand constant use, keeping your speakers safe and secure from bumps and while on the move.

This cover is tailored to fit your TS212 and TS212W speakers perfectly, ensuring it slips on with ease. A bottom strap keeps the cover in place so it doesn’t come loose or fall off during transport, regardless of orientation so you know your speakers are protected no matter how rigorous the road may be. The cover also features side cut-outs allowing easy access to the speaker’s handles so your speaker is still easy to carry while receiving great protection.

  • Padded Covers Made to Protect the TS212 and TS212W During Transport
  • Durable Nylon Construction Made to Withstand Constant Use
  • Easy Slip-On Design – Cover and Uncover in Seconds
  • Bottom Strap Keeps the Cover in Place When Transported Horizontally
  • Top and Side Openings for Easy Access to TS212/TS212W’s handles

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