Alesis DM Nitro Electronic Drum Kit

by Alesis
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The Alesis DM Nitro Electronic Drum Kit gives you a silent way to practice or a MIDI-ready electronic drum kit for your studio at an excellent price, covering the equivalent of a full 5-piece drum set.

This kit has quality pads for the kick, snare, and toms, a collection of three cymbals, a stand, and both hi-hat and kick pedals. Put it all together with the Nitro drum module, and you can rock out with 40 killer drum kits or build your own from 385 excellent drum, cymbal, and percussion sounds.

You get 40 excellent drum kits right out of the box, covering classic acoustic favourites, modern electronic beat machines, exotic percussion rigs, and more. You can also assemble your own drum kits from the 385 excellent on-board sounds. Rock out to 60 play-along tracks, plug in your media player and fire up your favourite tunes, or just jam to the metronome. If you want to connect to your DAW or other sound module, your choice of USB or traditional MIDI I/O makes it easy to connect to your other music gear.

The Alesis Nitro may be a back-to-basics electronic drum kit, but it still offers an amazing range of expression, thanks to its full set of quality pads. A dual-zone 8" snare lets you shift between standard strokes and rim shots naturally, while a crash cymbal pad with on-board choke adds another vital dynamic to your performance. Add to that a smooth hi-hat cymbal controller pedal, and you'll find it easy to adjust to this electric drum set.

This package includes all of the accessories you need, from its solid-feeling 4-post frame and drum holders to the included bass drum pedal. It even comes with cable wraps, a drum key, and a pair of sticks. Just grab a throne you like, and you're ready to rock.

  • A value-packed 8-piece electronic drum kit perfect for practice and recording
  • 5-piece drum set layout includes a kick, snare, 3 toms, and 3 cymbals
  • 2-zone snare and chokeable crash cymbal pads provide realistic expression
  • Drum module features 40 excellent drum kits and USB/MIDI I/O
  • Create your own kits from 385 drum, cymbal, and percussion sounds
  • Rock out to your media player, 60 play-along tracks, or the metronome
  • Comes with a sturdy 4-post stand, kick pedal/tower, and hi-hat controller
  • Accessories include cable wrap strips, drum key, and drumsticks

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