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Akai MPC X Standalone Music Production Centre

by Akai

The Akai MPC X Standalone Music Production Centre brings together a number of excellent features while maintaining a high level of user-friendliness, something that previous MPC models struggled with.

This model has more music-production power than any previous, but maintains ease of use with its simple and intuitive hands-on interface. The on-board MPC 2.0 software is fully integrated, and the surface level access the MPC X provides means you don’t have to dig around for the features you need. The multi-touch screen allows you to easily get to anything you’d usually access with a mouse, and if you want something to be controlled by a button or a knob, then there’s a button you can press or an OLED-labelled Q-Link encoder you can reach out and twist.

MPC products have always combined software and hardware, and the MPC X is no different. The software you run on the MPC is the same as the software you run on your computer, giving you the choice of being plugged in and using other software on your computer in conjunction with the MPC software and hardware. This means you can stay hooked up to your computer, but if you prefer you can head out with your MPC X and a couple of mics and still produce just as easily as if you were at home or in the studio.

The MPC X is ready for the return of CV/Gate control, and features four MIDI output ports alongside eight 3.5mm CV/Gate outputs, which allows you sequence any all-analogue synth gear you might have alongside your MIDI sound modules. This means you can have an impressive hybrid production system all controlled from one place. The X also has dual USB ports to support MIDI over USB, allowing you to integrate your virtual instrument collection or lock to another DAW, plus analogue I/O to give you a complete set of connections.

MPC 2.0 software allows you to record audio tracks alongside your loops, a feature that moved the MPC software DAW away from the world of beat production into the same league as other loop-based DAWs. Akai has also updated the time-warp algorithm and enhanced their Q-link control system, giving this system top-notch quality software.

  • A complete stand-alone DAW that lets you untether from your PC
  • Everything you loved about sampling and beat-making on-board
  • 10.1" multi-touch screen and all the hands-on controls you need
  • 16 of the best velocity-/pressure-sensitive pads you'll ever feel
  • 16GB of internal storage and external hard drive support
  • Pro-quality, all-bases-covered analogue I/O connects to everything
  • Control your entire rig with extensive MIDI, CV/Gate, and USB I/O
  • MPC 2.0 adds audio track recording and upgraded time warp
  • Improved Q-Link control and drag-and-drop MIDI/audio also included
  • 10GB Vault 2.0 sample library includes production-ready content

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