Akai EWM1 Mouthpiece for EWI-USB and EWI4000S

by Akai

The Akai EWM1 Mouthpiece for EWI-USB and EWI4000S is an air-pressure level and bit sensitive mouth piece.

If you've lost or just plain worn out your EWI mouthpiece, then it's time to order an Akai EWM1. There's nothing like a genuine Akai replacement mouthpiece for your Akai EWIUSB, EWI4000S, or EWI5000 wind controller. Built to factory spec, you can expect top performance from your EWI when you replace the mouthpiece with this Akai EWM1 replacement mouthpiece.

  • Mouth piece for EWI USB and EWI4000S/EQI5000
  • Air-pressure level sensor & bite sensor
  • Weight : 200g

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