NEW RELEASE : Fender Performer Series Guitars

NEW RELEASE : Fender Performer Series Guitars

The All New Fender Performer Series guitars are the latest generation of instruments from the big guys in California, replacing the ever popular American Special series which enabled us all to have an all American built guitar for under a grand.

These guitars carry some of the old features across but also come with a whole bunch of new goodies to tempt you - Not that you’ll need much tempting!! All American for a Grand!! Where can you go wrong!?

Let’s have a look and see what they’re packing then...


Fender American Performer Series Guitars


Yosemite Pick Ups

The all new Yosemite Pickups are specially voiced for each guitar, yep, that’s right Fender have done it yet again with a fabulous set of single coils that will turn their hand to any style due to their incredible versatility.

Featuring Flat-Staggered Alnico 4 pole pieces to increase output and a Shellac coating that lets the coil breath while controlling feedback gives the Yosemite pickups a real dynamic sound. Wired to these punchy little beasts is Fender's Greasebucket tone control which allows you to roll the brightness off the top end but still maintain all the gain and clarity to give you a darker but still powerful tone.

The HSS model Stratocasters come with a fabulous new “Double Tap” Humbucker, designed by none other than Tim Shaw himself (designer of the Shawbucker, featured on the American Pro range) giving you all the usual toneful punch that you’d come to expect from such a classic and soulful instrument.

Modern C Profile Neck

New to what was the American Special Series of guitars, the Performer Series now has a modern C profile neck with a satin finish that really lets you glide up and down the neck with ease. Rather than skimp out with a Laurel or 'pretend wood' composite fretboard, Fender are sending these amazing guitars out with a genuine, luxurious Rosewood fingerboard. 22 Jumbo Frets mounted on a 9.5 radius fretboard allows you to set the guitars action super low and still bend as high as you can without the fear of any choking out.

All New Colours and Finishes

The Performer range consists of Stratocaster with 3 Single Coils and a  Stratocaster with HSS configuration. Telecaster with 2 single coils, Telecaster with a single coil plus a humbucker. Jazzmaster, Mustang, Precision Bass and Jazz Bass.

The new colour features on the Performer range are simply stunning!! Still classic but thoroughly modern. With the newest being Satin Surf Green, Satin Lake Placid Blue, Aubergine and Penny


This is a fantastic new range of guitars that bridges the gap nicely between the Mexican Player Series and the higher end American Pro's, so if you've got about a grand to spend and want to take your first jump into American made instruments, it's well worth taking a look at the American Performer range. 

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