FREE Lifetime Service on ALL Guitars

FREE Lifetime Service on ALL Guitars

With every guitar we sell, we now offer Free Lifetime Servicing for your instrument. This is fantastic service exclusively for Music Junkie customers to ensure your prized possession is serviced for life - Free of Charge!

The service is available to everyone or to help ensure your guitar is properly set up to get the best playability and performance possible as long as you own the instrument.

Along with our repair service, bespoke tuition, part exchange and 0% Interest-Free finance, The Lifetime Guitar Service is yet another fantastic reason why to buy from Music Junkie adding value and peace of mind to your guitar purchase.

What’s Involved?

As guitars are predominantly made of wood they will move and change due to the climate they are kept in, also due to different times of the year, going from the cold to hot seasons has a big impact on your guitar.

There are many variables and moving parts to a guitar all of which have an impact on how it plays, one of the main ones is the Truss Rod, which runs through the neck of the guitar. The purpose of this is to keep the neck virtually straight and we’ll make sure it’s set correctly to ensure a nice low action without any fret buzz.

As you play more, Trem Systems and Intonation Screws have a habit of moving too so we can check these for you to make sure your guitar always plays perfectly in tune, up and down the neck. This is something that is commonly overlooked and is probably one of the most important things before you’ve even plugged in or switched your amplifier on.

There’s nothing more annoying than your guitar signal cutting in and out while you’re on stage, In the studio or just practising, so while we service your guitar we will check all the Volume and Tone Pots are secure, the Jack Socket is not loose and any Pick-Up Selectors are clean and functioning properly.

To make sure your guitar holds its tune we will check that all the Machine Heads are functioning as they should and there are no loose Ferrules obstructing performance.

As a final check, we will also make sure your Strap Buttons are secure so as to avoid that embarrassing bouncing guitar moment on stage (this happens more than you think!)

We’ll also fit a new set of strings (strings purchased separately) while your guitar is with us and make sure they are stretched in and ready to play - most stores will usually charge around £10 for this.

All this available with every guitar purchased at Music Junkie.



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Robert Kent - November 6, 2018

Recently had my Gretsch guitar serviced at Music Junkie. It now plays better than ever. Great service. Thanks. 5 Stars.

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