About Music Junkie

Music Junkie is your one-stop music shop, specialising in selling the very best guitars and music technology studio gear.

Our main focus is to offer the friendliest, most helpful, most welcoming and educational experience that we can with everyone who visits the store. Making researching and discovering new music gear an enjoyable experience. We have dedicated experts to help you with any questions, offer advice and deliver amazing after sales support. Something that no Internet seller can come close to. Plus, our prices are great! We check daily against the online box shifters to ensure that not only will we give you better help, support and aftercare you will still get UK Low prices. The same prices in store or from our online store.

Inside our music shop, you’ll find a showroom filled with our fantastic range of products and leading brands. We encourage all of our visitors to have a play with the equipment on display and experience the subtle variations for yourself to help you decide what guitar or keyboard is right for you. You’ll be like a kid in a sweet shop when you visit us.

Our friendly, knowledgeable staff are always on hand to answer any questions you may have, and we promise to always deliver the very best customer service. None of our staff work on commission, so you can be sure that the advice you receive will be honest and with your best interests at heart from experienced experts.

Our specialist staff are there to help you make music, with the best advice, the best gear and at the best price! 

Music Junkie
Music Junkie
Music Junkie

Meet the Team

  • Rae Laverick

    Rae Laverick | General Manager

    Multi talented show-off....This rare and elusive creature is not often seen on the shop floor, preferring to rule from the safety of her batcave. But when she does emerge, she brings forth knowledge of all things musical, from guitar and drums to the world of hi-tech.

  • Will Everett

    Will Everett | Guitar Specialist

    Will has been part of Leicester’s Music retail scene since time began (or at least as long as any of us can remember). A stunning guitar player and all-round wonderful human being, give him a shout if you need help or advice with anything guitar or amp related. Will also enjoys horses, motorbikes and long walks in the countryside… so feel free to call him about any of those things too.

  • Becky - Music Junkie

    Becky Laverick | Administrator

    The woman in charge of all that is web or admin related, hired so we have someone that can use excel without their head exploding.You’ll also find her helping out in the guitar department and she has a Masters in Biomedical Sciences and Policy, Communication and Ethics, so if you’ve got any questions about that kind of thing she can help you out as well.

  • Lewis - Music Tech Specialist, Music Junkie

    Lewis Beighton | DJ and Tech Product Specialist

    By far the coolest member of staff we have acquired so far, if he’s not in the studio producing you’ll find him at one several clubs he DJ’s at around Leicester… he’s always at Basement on a Tuesday night, so give him a wave (buy him drink) if you see him. If you need advice on studio gear, DJing, or cutting your trousers to the perfect length to show just the right amount of ankle - he’s the guy to call.

  • Kyle Palmer - Music Product Specialist, Music Junkie

    Kyle Palmer | Drum and Tech Product Specialist

    Kyle is our resident drum and hi-tech genius, he’s spent the last few years drumming in various original bands around Leicester and also spends time recording records bands in his purpose built studio in Leicester. So if you want to start recording or want a new drum kit, he’s the man to talk too. Random Kyle fact number one… he’s so bad at computer games that he didn’t even get past the title screen of Assassin's creed syndicate but he is allegedly quite good at Fifa.

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